We live in a semi-rural area on two acres, but several subdivisions are going in nearby. My husband is concerned that it will decrease the value of our home and property. I know that you say there is “a butt for every saddle.” In your experience, is there still a market for well-kept homes on larger acreage even though most of the newer homes are in subdivisions?

Dan and Donna

Dan & Donna,

Great question! Yes, there is “a butt for every saddle” and honestly with today's super tight inventory we're seeing that there are many times more "butts" than saddles leading to multiple offer situations on a wide variety of property types. Yet, regardless of inventory status, I do believe there will always be a market for well kept homes on larger acreage!

Sprawl will happen and with higher density developments you create affordability (at least that is the thought) and our area needs as much affordable housing as we can get, but ultimately there will always be those who desire “elbow room.” What many new subdivisions lack is elbow room, privacy and enough space for RV parking! Also, with many people considering a move from denser populated metropolitan areas to Western CO they're wanting a change of lifestyle and space is a huge driving factor for that change. The one caveat to my answer here depends on how close the new subdivisions are to your property and how dense the density?

If the new subdivision borders your property or it is very close (within easy sight) and the density is higher than 4 homes to the acre, then there is a fairly strong chance that it may have a negative impact on your property value. If “nearby” means down the road a quarter mile etc…then I would suggest you worry not and just enjoy living there! There will always be a market for well kept semi-rural properties on two acres! Famous last words…

Dave Kimbrough

The Kimbrough Team