The Christi Reece Group  

Grand Junction realtor, The Christi Reece Group, is proud to announce the recipients of their quarterly Circle Fund.  HopeWest received $12,000, Girls on the Run-Western Slope received $2,000, Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) received $2,000, and Center For Children received $2,000.

The Circle Fund is the charitable giving arm of The Christi Reece Group.  Every quarter, 2% of their net earnings are donated to local nonprofits.  Nominations for the non-profits are provided by the community via The Christi Reece Group’s Facebook and Instagram pages, then their real estate clients vote from those nominations to choose the quarterly recipients of The Circle Fund.  Since its inception in 2019, The Circle Fund has contributed $115,000 to local nonprofits.

“It brings us so much joy to give away another $18,000 this quarter!” said Team Leader, Christi Reece. “The fact that all of this quarter’s recipients impact children is especially meaningful to us, including HopeWest and their incredible HopeWest Kids program!”

RE/MAX 4000

According to RealTrends, four of the top five most productive brokerages, determined by average closed transaction sides per agent, are RE/MAX offices. In the 2021 RealTrends 500 top brokerage rankings, Colorado-based RE/MAX 4000 had 29.5 closed sides per agent. They were the No. 1 most productive office in the RT500.

According to the Real Trends article, increasing per-agent productivity is a constant battle for real estate brokerage leaders. The average closed sides per agent in the RT500 were 10.5 transactions. RE/MAX 4000 is increasing per-agent productivity in multiple ways, including using accountability measures, building close ties with the community and offering agents a chance to buy into the brokerage.

According to RE/MAX 4000 owner Toni Charlesworth. RE/MAX 4000 is selective in who the franchise recruits, and many of the agents she recruited early on are still with the company. “Many of our agents are seasoned veterans, but we’re not afraid of hiring new agents,” she says.

“We made a strategic move to maintain the largest marketshare of anyone in our market, and that means a focus on per-agent productivity. We now have a lot of repeat and referral business as our agents are well-known.” She also credits Tripoli with “keeping staff motivated, especially this year. He came into the office every day even if he was just making phone calls to agents. When we recruit, we let them know that we take care of the business side.” More than that, she says, “We care about our agents. Some agents went through a tough mental time with COVID, so we worked with them and changed their structure. We want them to know we’re not after a check every day.”

Tripoli notes that, “From an agent development standpoint, we focus a lot on accountability and tracking, which leads to high per-agent productivity. I meet with agents each year to help them look through their business plan, and focus on life goals.” The brokerage also implements the Buffini & Company 100 Days to Greatness and Peak Producers programs. Tripoli is a certified facilitator through Buffini. “I have individual accountability meetings. Pre-COVID-19, they were face-to-face, then we transitioned to phone meetings. Some weekly and some monthly,” he says.

However, if Tripoli was to pinpoint the brokerage’s successful agents, it would be because of that ever-elusive culture. “When you surround yourself with success, it breeds success,” he notes.

Fathom Realty of Western Colorado would like to welcome Samuel Hall and Sean Dunham to its team.

Samuel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in nontraditional listings. Samuel is very active locally in investing and in rental properties. Samuel will join the Mike Chavez Real Estate Team as a listing specialist. He will work closely with sellers in all types of situations. Samuel can be reached at: 970-623-6051.

Sean has been a key member of Mike Chavez Real Estate since 2015 and will continue to be a great asset to Fathom Realty! Sean will work with buyers and will continue to serve clients from the Wyoming border to the New Mexico border in Western Colorado. He has considerable experience with first time buyers, growing families, relocations and more. Sean comes from a rich legacy of local realtors whose family settled Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. He welcomes any referrals and looks forward to serving your clients. Sean can be reached at: 505-660-9383.