Here are results of recent bridge games:

Bookcliff Bridge Club

Nov. 13: Bruce Kolisek and Marilyn McLaughlin; Rocky Otto and Cheryl Spray; Helen Bledsoe and Bill Schultz.

Nov. 15: Bledsoe and McLaughlin; Darlene Clark and Otto; Bill Voss and Kolisek.

Nov. 20: Spray and Otto; Pat Kelley and Schultz; Carolyn Wiley and McLaughlin.

Info: 628-1105.

Grand Slam of GJ Duplicate Bridge Club

Nov. 18, north/south: Bruce Kolisek and Joe Heideman; Rocky Otto and Cheryl Spray; Randy Field and Carolyn Wiley; Jeffrey Phillips and Sue Cox; Linda Odette and Barbara Chaplik; Betty Sladek and Linda Tracy. East/west: Sharon Snyder and Dennis Simpson; Shari Aggson and Dot Hoskin; Betty Jacobson and Bill Schultz; Linda Scibienski and Martha Scott; Bill Voss and Randy Spydell.

Nov. 20: Scibienski and Linda Odette; Snyder and Linda Deaton; Daphne Bevill and Eldon Bevill; Sherri Helms and Marilyn Conklin.

Reservations/info: 216-8807, 201-5006.

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