The Hanging Lake Trail opened May 1 after the Grizzly Creek Fire left the area unscathed.

The problem isn’t so much the cat – though he definitely is a lovable and friendly problem – but my inability to get past the word “um.” It’s generally how I handle confrontation.

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Long before cell phones were invented … years before cable TV was born … in an era when a hoola hoop was the closest thing to Hulu and a rain forest was all we knew about the Amazon, my little sister Sheri and I would spend hours playing with paper dolls.

Masks are still encouraged/requested/required by some businesses or agencies, but the relaxed regulations will soon leaves us with a plethora of colorful and creative obsoletes.

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I have a complaint for the company that wrote the business model for the spring season.

May your Easter baskets be overflowing with an abundant supply of chocolate delights and your hearts overflowing with hope, joy and renewal, today and always.

The first time I bought a car, I experienced a dark night of the soul to such an unreasonable and flop sweaty degree that I called the dealership the next morning and asked if they’d take the car back.

Did you know there is a flock of flamingos nesting in Glenwood Canyon?

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According to the calendar, it’s time to trade in the snow shovel for the garden shovel.

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One of my newsroom duties includes organizing an archive of newspapers for in-house use. Every month, I recycle the previous year’s month of newspapers to make room for the upcoming month’s publications.

Friends, a mere week from today we’ll all be celebrating the 36th U.S. Congress and former President James Buchanan, who in a fit of panic over the South seceding from the Union created the Territory of Colorado.

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If you were to draw a fine line between winter and spring, I suppose you could call it February.

Growing up in Wyoming, state statutes regarding road etiquette were something of a punchline. But don’t take it from me; let’s see how Teton County law enforcement described it to a Jackson Hole newspaper 14 years ago:

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