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One of my newsroom duties includes organizing an archive of newspapers for in-house use. Every month, I recycle the previous year’s month of newspapers to make room for the upcoming month’s publications.

Friends, a mere week from today we’ll all be celebrating the 36th U.S. Congress and former President James Buchanan, who in a fit of panic over the South seceding from the Union created the Territory of Colorado.

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If you were to draw a fine line between winter and spring, I suppose you could call it February.

Growing up in Wyoming, state statutes regarding road etiquette were something of a punchline. But don’t take it from me; let’s see how Teton County law enforcement described it to a Jackson Hole newspaper 14 years ago:

Formerly known by the Greeks as Eros, the god of love, Cupid is today known for his exceptional matchmaking skills and has been associated with the romance of Valentine’s Day since the 19th century.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and though I could write rapturous odes about the dip that is one slab of Velveeta and one can of Ro-Tel in a Crock-Po t— and I will not hear ONE WORD of argument that a better dip exists – that is about the extent of my expertise on the Super Bowl and football in…

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It made me realize just how much I miss hearing from all the folks I’ve written about on theses pages, for going on 17 years now. I pray everyday that this dad-gum pandemic will make a quick exit and the hundreds of the Grand Valley community organizations can get back to what they were doin…

The only friends I know who haven’t been made hypochondriacs by COVID-19 are those who were already worriers in that fashion heading into the pandemic.

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January had 10 dates, from Jan. 20–29, that were palindromes. When these dates are written as numbers, they read the each way. Jan. 29, written as 1/29/21, is the same backward.

Someone – I’ll not name names except to say it’s my brother, Jake Sauer – delivered one of the greatest disillusionments of my life awhile ago by cruelly informing me that Ancestral Puebloans did not, in fact, brush their teeth with yucca roots.

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National Pie Day was Saturday, Jan. 23, and it got me wondering: what is the best thing to put into a pie?

I received an email last week informing me that National Puzzle Day is Jan. 29.

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My daughter-in-law convinced me to try one of those clothing subscriptions where you answer a few questions online regarding your style preferences and they send a mystery box of clothes, personally hand-picked for you by a stylist.

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At the Sun Valley Ski Resort in Idaho, nestled into one of the lodges whose name I didn’t commit to memory, there existed a plaque honoring a local legend who racked up what is presumably a record for vertical feet skied.

The expression, “hindsight is 20/20,” is an idiomatic phrase that’s been around for decades. It’s also the punchline of a long-standing joke told by the emcee at the annual optometrist convention.

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I read a lot of news and I found myself thinking quite a few times this year, I’m glad I didn’t have to cover that! There were some notable expectations though, some stories that I found fascinating and inspiring and something I would have loved to cover, but didn’t.

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