As a child, when my family visited Colorado on vacation, I informed my parents that someday I would live in Colorado.

And when my husband, Fred, was in sixth grade, he had to write a report about where he wanted to live when he grew up. You guessed it. He said Colorado.

Destiny? Who knows?

Growing up in Iowa I was well aware of Palisade peaches. My mother always said, "We don't can peaches until the Colorado peaches get here." (I know, I tell this story every year.)

After Fred and I were married, he learned about a job opening in Grand Junction. It was our peach destiny to move here. We came with two little girls who grew up on Palisade peaches, as have their children.

These days I help with the Palisade Peach Festival, eat and freeze Palisade peaches and love telling everyone about them.

Here are some simple ways to enjoy these gems of the Grand Valley. They are so simple, it seems rather funny to call them recipes.

■ Wash a few Palisade peaches, then pat them with a paper towel until they are smooth. Slice the peaches and place them on a parchment-lined paper plate or tray. Put the plate/tray and peaches into the freezer. They freeze quickly.

When you are ready, take them out of the freezer and eat them before they thaw. (If they thaw, you won't like the texture.)

The natural sugar in the peaches make them easy to eat after a minute out of the freezer.

What a cool treat on a hot day! I freeze bags full of peaches for other uses, but for an almost instant cool treat, these are our favorite.

■ Frozen peaches with chocolate!

Why not?

Wash and dry a few peaches as described above. Slice them, place on a tray, and freeze for a few minutes. And then it's time for the chocolate.

Melt some dark chocolate chips. Top the peach slices with chocolate or dip the ends in chocolate or drizzle the peaches with chocolate. Freeze.

You can enjoy them right away or keep them in the freezer for later.

■ Throw some frozen peaches in a blender. Add 1% milk (or almond or soy milk), a little vanilla and a touch of sugar or sweetener if you desire. Blend into a smoothie.

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