Edible Easter baskets

Thanks to our daughter, Cynthia, our family can't have Easter breakfast/brunch without bacon and egg cups.

That goes for Christmas and Thanksgiving, as well.

Cynthia arrived one holiday a couple of years ago with supplies in hand to make what we now call Cynthia's Egg Cups or, as my grandson calls them, Cynthia's Egg Thingies.

They take minutes to make and taste perhaps too good.

I admit, I was a bit doubtful when Cynthia arrived with the idea.

The first and last time I had baked eggs in a cup was in a junior high school home economics class a "few" years ago. Baked in a custard cup, those eggs were plain, overcooked and tough.

But Cynthia's Egg Cups became a family favorite at first bite, and this Easter I'm turning the cups into baskets with a touch of asparagus.

Since I adjusted the recipe, I decided to test them before our family comes. Fortunately, I got a thumbs up from my husband, Fred.

So these Easter "baskets" will be the main dish for Easter breakfast along with watermelon spears and a few of our traditional chocolate eggs that everyone expects.

Enjoy, and have wonderful holiday.

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