When asked a couple weeks ago what he wanted for his Father's Day meal, my husband Fred's response was a quick: "my favorite."

Really? Not a steak, pork tenderloin, etc.?

He wanted what has became a family favorite known as the Girl Scouts' "foil thing," or at least that was Fred's name for it.

I learned about it years ago while planning my first Girl Scout troop camping experience. Later we fixed it every time we went camping.

It is simply burger, bacon, potatoes and onions with added seasoning all placed in an aluminum foil packet, and then cooked in hot campfire coals or embers.

Does this bring back memories for some of you?

Anyway, "foil thing" became "Dad's Favorite" when we had children. After grandchildren came along and Fred acquired the name "Bop," it became "Bop's Favorite."

Over the years, though, we've upped the bar on what can go into "Bop's Favorite."

Fred is a purist, but will consent to adding a couple vegetables to the recipe.

As you look at our changes and additions to this recipe, know that the best way to enjoy this is around the campfire with family and friends.

Even if those packets get a little overcooked sometimes, it all adds to the experience.

Happy camping, even if it's in your backyard.

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