This year, I'm expected a dozen guests for Thanksgiving and so I have been preparing the Thanksgiving menu, which means reviewing new and old, traditional side dishes.

In the past we've tried whipped sweet potatoes, a Cranberry Jalapeno Relish, and a Brussel sprouts dish with pine nuts, garlic and dried cranberries.

Inspiration for this year's new side dish came during a discussion with our family physician about a cornbread recipe he made, and a cooking with pumpkin.

That's when the idea hit me: pumpkin cornbread. I will serve it with our Saturday-after-Thanksgiving "crushed bones" turkey soup.

A quick search on Google revealed my idea wasn't original. However, I want the color, texture, nutritional value and rich flavor of pumpkin and not cornbread that tastes like pumpkin pie/bread.

After baking many batches with tweaks and ingredient changes, and eating more cornbread than I thought possible, I tested my Pumpkin Cornbread on family and friends.

It got a thumbs up, so here is the recipe.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks, Doc, for the inspiration.

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