Salsa made with cherry tomatoes

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

And when your garden only gives you cherry tomatoes, make salsa!

Our tomato crop this year was the worst ever.

The plants started out looking good, but gradually many looked sick and weak. Even the healthier looking ones didn't produce many tomatoes, and those never seemed to ripen or were split, eaten by bugs and rotten on the bottom.

I could hardly bare to look at our sick tomatoes.

But then those sugar sweet cherry varieties, albeit late to produce to this year, came on strong.

Since we lacked the big, juicy tomatoes we loved for making fresh salsa, I decided to cut those cherry tomatoes in half for salsa.

My husband, Fred, was so anxious about the change that he offered to help and soon found himself cutting a counter full of washed little tomatoes, while I went off to run an errand.

Once the salsa was put together, into the refrigerator it went to chill. But soon, I heard the fridge open, and I knew the official taster was getting a sample.

The salsa got an immediate thumbs up.

We discovered we loved the texture of the cherry tomatoes, and the taste we love was still there. It might even be better than ever.

Here is our salsa recipe.

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