Late spring and early summer signals the beginning of a parade of fresh fruit salsa, better known at the Burmeister household as Mom's Summer Salsas.

My fruit salsas can be found as side dishes, toppings for tacos, tucked in pitas and scooped up with corn chips or vegetables.

Fruit salsa also adds a flavorful touch to meat and seafood dishes.

The combination of sweet fruit, heat of jalapeños or other hot peppers and onions, sometimes garlic and cilantro is something we look forward to each year.

Spring strawberries kick off the parade that continues with cherries, apricots, peaches, more berries, mangoes, melons and tomatoes — they're technically a fruit.

Fresh lime juice and zest can be added as well as mint, basil and other taste enhancers.

Summer Fruit Salsa Basics

(Our version, that is)

Fresh fruit — about three cups, diced if you like

Jalapeño peppers or your pepper choice, finely diced (I also use habañeros and other hot peppers depending on size and heat. Start out with a small amount, and add to taste.)

Onion, medium sized, finely diced (We prefer sweet white.)

Garlic, a clove or two, finely diced (I don't always use it. Experiment!)

Bell pepper, optional (I sometimes add fresh, garden bell pepper in yellow, orange or red.)

Fresh lime juice and zest (The amount is up to you.)

Cilantro, chopped (The amount is up to you.)

Sugar and salt (It's up to you and your taste buds on whether to add these or go without.)

Toss it all together, chill or eat right away.

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