Tons of people ask what's going on in the gleaming Airstream travel trailer near Grrreta, Fruita's green dinosaur in Circle Park.

Is it a doughnut shop?

Do you sell coffee?

"I don't think doughnuts and hair would go very good together," Brandie Williams said, matter-of-factly, clippers buzzing in one hand.

Look a little closer and you'll see the label Mesa County Hairstream on the side of the shiny, silver travel trailer.

A Hairstream?!

Get it?

Williams, 34, who admittedly is not one for drama, never really felt like she fit in at a salon filled with gossipy hairstylists.

So when the Fruita woman couldn't find a shop to purchase that suited her needs, she followed the advice of her fiance, Andy Karlen.

"I would have never thought of this. It's all him," Williams said from inside the 19-foot trailer as traffic hummed by outside. "He said I'm the one who made it come alive."

The result was a remodeled 1962 Airstream the couple picked up in the Salt Lake City area a few months ago.

They gutted the interior, removing a small kitchen sink and refrigerator. They put down wood flooring, a sole barber chair, a bench where clients could sit and wait and a mirror.

There's a Denver Broncos floor mat and a large metal mustache art piece made by Karlen.

Williams does about 20 to 30 haircuts a day, mostly for men ($12), but she also cuts hair for women ($15). Clients can make appointments (201-0598) or walk in.

And there's always a hug. A worker at the Go-Fer Foods across the street likes to joke that Williams gives free haircuts and $12 hugs.

"Yeah, I like cutting hair," Williams said with the hint of an Arkansas drawl, a leftover from living there when she was younger. "I find more joy out of this than selling real estate."

Mostly, it's simple. That's the way Williams likes it. The business helps her support her three children, ages 7, 11 and 15.

"There's no computer in here. I'm not asking them for their last names," she said. "I think people like that."

Williams' Hairstream is posted near the post office in Fruita. She works from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

When the day is done, Williams takes her shop home. She'll be located at 111 North Park Square for another 90 days, and then at other spots around Fruita in six-month lease arrangements (check "Mesa County Hairstream" for her current location).

She doesn't plan to travel much, but she does think the Hairstream model could work anywhere.

A client, Paul Simmons of Fruita, chimed in.

"North Korea? Do you think it could work there?" he quipped. "Mars? Could it work on Mars?"

Williams threw her head back and just lost it.

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