A garden at the corner of Ridges Boulevard and Ridgeway Drive in the Ridges.

Sometimes it's good to brag, especially when your tomatoes really are epic and your roses are the sweetest.

Or perhaps you've got a way with hot glue, ribbon, yarn, paint or decoupage.

Let us help you with those bragging rights by emailing The Daily Sentinel a photo of your garden produce, flowers or crafts.

Please include in the email your name, when the photo was taken and a little about the plant, vegetable, fruit, flower or craft that is pictured, such as the variety of plant, the size and weight of large vegetables, the names of flowers, the type of craft you made and why you made it and so on.

The more recent the photo was taken, the better (no ginormous squashes from 10 years ago, please).

Photos need to be in focus and the photo file size needs to be the largest you have available to allow for better reproduction on newsprint.

Photos will be published on the Home & Garden pages as space allows or at Send those photos in and keep them coming!

Email your photos to

­— Sentinel staff

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