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Photos by Scott Crabtree/The Daily Sentinel

Peggy Malone, 78, is in the Colorado Country Music Association Hall of Fame and has won a Heartland Regional EMMY Award. While the Fruita resident can sing nearly anything, western music is her favorite.

The older gentleman was sitting in the back of the room. His head was kind of down. He would have been easy to miss.

But Peggy Malone saw him.

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While Peggy Malone has won awards — her EMMY and another award from the Colorado Country Music Association are shown here with her favorite guitar — she relishes her time in front of smaller audiences at local senior homes. “To connect with them at this stage of their life is very special,” she said of those in her older audiences.

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Scott Crabtree/The Daily Sentinel

Peggy Malone holds a photograph of people she performed with including Waylon Jennings.

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Peggy Malone received her EMMY at the 2001 Heartland Regional EMMY Awards for “Singin’ A Cowboy Song,” a song she wrote and sang that was included in the PBS special “A Night At The Rodeo.”