Timothy Ryon King and Emily Georgina Holland, Oct. 6.

Cameron Alexander Morisak and Paige Elizabeth Ihrig, Oct. 4.

Christopher Farrell Firm and Stephanie Kristine Murphy, Oct. 5.

Madison Elyse Buch and Wade Tyler Waschkat, Sept. 21.

James Michael Koster and Kylee Kay Lockhart, Oct. 7.

Alexis Brittney Conine and Zachariah Leon Perkins, Sept. 7.

Acacia Akiye Ono and Jacob Ellis Gilbert, Oct. 5.

Sarai Kathleen Zilm and Daniel Christopher Lente, Oct. 5.

Andrew Steven Vincent Yates and Emily Raquel Ellis Wilson, Oct. 5.

Ashlee Rois Shannon and Marshall James Lindemann, Sept. 21.

Arlo Josef DiCristina and Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Oct. 9.

Harold Lee Gribble and Rebbecca Jo Talley, Oct. 5.

Andrew Steven Horn and Jessica Leigh Weeks, Sept. 28.

Justin Dean Bopp and Ashley Dawn Amin, Oct. 10.

Brett Robert Stephen and Ashley Marina Taylor, Oct. 5.

Julio Cesar Valenzuela and Francisca Idania Ruiz, Sept. 28.

Gina Guzman Martinez and Misael Montelongo Valle, Oct. 11.

Stephen Orwin Harrington and Virginia Rego Bezerra, Oct. 11.

Julie Robineau Kelley and Jeremy Glade Taylor, Oct. 11.

Warren Carlos Sequeira Godinez and Priscilla De Los Angeles Zeigler, Oct. 11.

Brooke Leigh Somerville and Dane Christopher Kelley, Sept. 28.

Emilee Renee Severson and Brandon Michael Lopez, Sept. 28.

Phoenix Rose Atkinson and Edward Gary Vial, Sept. 27.

Haley Kay Johnson and Paul Brian Massison, Sept. 28.

Bailey Anne Stelljes and Cody Daniel Hill, Sept. 19.

Nicholas Tyler Bouton and Tyler Anne Geerdes, Sept. 14.

Clint Leroy Sampson and Shelby Malyn Erwin, Sept. 30, 2017.

Rowdie Dean Wemple and Jammie Lee Seal, Sept. 29.

Kyle Edward Martinez and Natasha Rae Chaffin, Sept. 14.

Glen Everett Johnson and Jennifer Ann Brown, Aug. 21.

Michaela D Atri Rawley and Steven Geoffrey Adleman, Oct. 21.

Kelsey Marie Veneman and Evan Riley Bumgarner, Sept. 28.

Dennise Ruth Fletcher and Michael Edward Schmaltz, Oct. 1.

Jordan Labree Blackman and Tyler Andrew Walton, Sept. 14.

Lianah Lucki Starr and Justin Daniel West, Oct. 1.

Alix Chase Peltier and Megan Lee Hines, Sept. 28.

Terrence George Lawrence and Claudia Buritica Serna, Sept. 29.

Jordan Robert Brown and Leearra Jean Cordova, Oct. 1.

Cody John Hendricks and Molly Carrine Harper, Sept. 27.

Brandon Craig Hoff and Stephany Chum, Sept. 27.

Kelly Ann Day and Kerri Vonne Davis, Oct. 1.

Drew Ryan Kraniak and Chelsea Rae Miller, Sept. 28.

Jesse Andrew Barbich and Kirsten Danielle Barnard, Sept. 20.

Martin Lane Brown and Karen Gayle Tweedy, Oct. 3.

Kristopher Lee Rowe and Kimberly Nicole Navin, Sept. 13.

Krystal Jasmine Hernandez and Alejandro Gallegos Ortega, Oct. 4.

Danni Nicole McNeely and Bobby R. Dougherty, Oct. 4.

Rigoberto Galindo-Barraza and Guadalupe Bermudez Rivas, Oct. 4.

Alan Michael Wise and Rose Mary Casey, Oct. 4.

Lawrence Allen Roethig and Amy Louise Childress, Sept. 21.

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