Community Hospital

John Trout and Ashley Hindson, Grand Junction, a daughter, Oct. 8.

Charlie and Kelsey Pink, Grand Junction, a daughter, Oct. 10.

Jesse and Angela Withouse, Parachute, a son, Oct. 13.

Brooks Tobin and Kaitlyn Likes, Grand Junction, a daughter, Oct. 14.

Onie and Wendy Parsons, Grand Junction, a son, Oct. 19.

Danny and Emily Sams, Grand Junction, a son, Oct. 20.

Delta County Memorial Hospital

Thomas Newman and Danielle Fish, Montrose, a daughter, Oct. 21.

St. Mary's Medical Center

Sonny and Carissa Cox, Grand Junction, a son, Oct. 1.

Jaron Martinez and Dani Olson, Grand Junction, a son, Oct. 10.

Thomas and Lisa Ellis, Grand Junction, a daughter, Oct. 11.

Nathan and Christina Orient, Grand Junction, a daughter, Oct. 11.

Cameo Chavez and Cherese Martinez, Grand Junction, a son, Oct. 13.


Sarah Katherine Hargrave and Joel Robert Minning, Oct. 13.

Lonny Allen Van Cleave and Tsuguko Naka, Sept. 29.

Jordan Munoz-Luquin and Deisy Yazmin Leon Sanchez, Oct. 12.

Elise Susan Lipkowitz and Etienne Gagnon, Oct. 14.

Joshua Edward Stevens and Morgan Lynn Brock, June 1.

Trevor Daniel Potter and Meghan Jayne Conway, Oct. 5.

Randall James Thompson and Elizabeth Karen Gardner, Oct. 12.

Michael Andrew Hatcher and Jessica Nichole Hyde, Oct. 12.

Peter Francis Dandrea and Cherith Suzanne Whiteman, Oct. 14.

Jesse John Balaz and Juliana Ruth Marie Liddle, Sept. 28.

Andrew Ross Benson and Joee Lee Ann Stephan, Oct. 12.

Luke Andrew Lopez and Damaris Ashley Bliss, Sept. 21.

Michael Joseph Kineavy Jr. and Carlie Jean Hennebury, Sept. 19.

Tyler Eugene Barber and Britney Renee Taylor, Sept. 28.

Paige Arlene Cameron and Kyle Jeffrey Curtiss, Oct. 13.

Austin Jack Hastings and Tia Leray Samantha Kroschel, Oct. 5.

Samantha Jordan Willoughby and Colby Douglas Smuin, Oct. 12.

Troy Lee Amsberry and Chelsea Markaela Pritchard, Oct. 13.

Nathaniel Collin Pavlisick and Laura Christine Hayes, Oct. 13.

Blake Elizabeth Adams and Tanner Douglas Renner, Oct. 12.

Jenny Lynn Meeker and David William Woelfle, Oct. 5.

Miles Timothy Downs and Amanda Renae Kraai, Sept. 13.

Jacob Daniel Massey and Candace Corinne Marolf, Oct. 12.

Taylor Morgan Evering and River Clay Johnson, Oct. 12.

Lauren Nicole Burger and Cameron Barret Seele, Oct. 11.

Adriana Maria Arvayo and Adrian Anthony Hernandez, Oct. 11.

Kali Rae Young and Derrick Allen Madson, Oct. 12.

Justin Scott Roediger and Darcey Kay McQuiston, Oct. 13.

Christina Marie Sullivan and Joseph Benjamin Hickey, Oct. 18.

Chad William Walker and Christin Jay Lopez, Oct. 16.

K'andra Raye Gilmore and David Luciano Candeleria, Oct. 12.

Pacomio Thomas Mendenhall and Amanda Louise Emmett, Oct. 18.

Nicholas Tony Brach and Kyra Ann Dowd, Oct. 12.

Jon Paul Parsons and Jennifer Renee Martinez, Oct. 19.

Michael Todd Stanford and Stephanie Colleen Nguyen, Oct. 13.

Esther Irene Kennedy and Richard Michael Baars, Sept. 28.

Michael Lee Vanian and Britney Nicole McKelvey, Oct. 19.

Zachary James McCullough and Chandra Lynne Passehl, Oct. 19.

Taylor Jewel Schoenebaum and Stefen Scott Casaday, Oct. 19.

Mercedes Bates and Andrew Joseph Borman, Oct. 5.

Amanda Lane Ellis and Jason Dale Skidmore, Oct. 19.

Joseph Leo Chavez-Coche and Jessica Marie Vandermeer, Oct. 22.

Arsenio Leroy Lopez and Michelle Lynn Russell, Oct. 12.

Noemi Esmeralda Galindo Rivera and Neicill Joserrie McNair, Oct. 23.

Michael Aaron Brault and Cassandra Lee Hanson, Oct. 23.

Grace Marie Kruckenberg and Michael John Todd, Oct. 23.

Lindsey Denae Richards and Lacey Doniell Cox, Oct. 12.

James William Harper and Tawny Lee Frances Halterman, Oct. 24.

Brandon Aaron Duff and Katharine Ann Jones, Oct. 20.

Francisco Daniel Olivas Vazquez and Aury Alexandra Karaus, Oct. 25.

Brianne Louese Higgins and Luis Alberto Lozano Cordero, Oct. 25.

Sean Nicholas Bizer and Amanda Beth Willmarth, Oct. 12.

Cooper William Starmer and Amanda Blythe Jarmer, Oct. 25.

Victor Mark Rung and Michelle Angelique Gambrel, Oct. 25.

Anthony Jay Didonato and Cassondra Nichole Renfro, Oct. 25.

Cindy Michele Hancock and Carlos Alberto Sevilla, Oct. 25.

Stephen Kasey Lavon and Craig Hayley Florence Bobbitt, Oct. 25.

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