Sonosite X-Porte Ultrasound

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics uses the Sonosite X-Porte ultrasound device, which brings together an intuitive interface, imaging performance, advanced features, and educational resources in a convenient, all-in-one kiosk design.

There are few ailments that create more disability than spine pain and Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, Sport Medicine and Spine’s fellowship trained providers utilize appropriate surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics’ goal is to restore, preserve and enhance pain-free spine mobility, stability and strength with the least required intervention.  Their providers approach this through individualized exercise programs, physical therapy, osteopathic manipulative treatments, ultrasound guided injections and oral medications as directed, performed, and prescribed by our sports medicine osteopathic physician, Dr. Justin Grant, DO.  

“As procedures become necessary, we provide state of the art options on the cutting edge of spine care,” says Dr. Grant.

Ultrasound guided injections provide patients with safe and effective care without radiation exposure. Types of injections include: transforaminal selective nerve root blocks, medial branch nerve blocks, facet joint injections, lumbar ganglion nerve blocks, cervical ganglion nerve blocks, greater occipital nerve blocks, sacroiliac joint injections, hip joint injections, peripheral nerve injections and piriformis injections.

“Used for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes, injections become an integral part of your care, keeping you off the operating table and on the trails pursuing your active life,” said Dr. Grant.

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics understands that surgery will be inevitable for some people and now provides complete spine care with the addition of spine surgeon, Dr. Clinton Devin.

“Pioneers Medical Center has invested heavily in a comprehensive spine center that ensures a thorough workup with a dedication toward individualized care with patients getting the right treatment at the right time,” Dr. Devin said. He continued, “Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, Sport Medicine and Spine Clinic is able to provide the technical level of care seen at large medical centers, yet in a personalized manner without the inconvenience of a large city or environment in which no one knows who you are. This customer service approach is our goal.”

When non-operative options fail to improve the patient’s symptoms, the team provides state-of-the-art treatments to address neck and lower back problems surgically. Surgery is typically considered for arm and leg pain caused by a pinched nerve.  It is also effective at improving hand coordination, balance, and muscles that are getting weaker from pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. When creating a customized surgical plan for patients, Colorado Advanced Orthopedics considers the most effective way to take pressure off the nerves, and then do it in the least invasive manner possible, while providing a solution that is durable.

“Our objective is to preserve motion of the spine, “ says Dr. Devin.

Dr. Devin has performed over 5,500 spine surgeries, remains an adjunct Associate Professor of Orthopedics and Neurosurgery at Vanderbilt Medical Center and is a thought leader of spine care nationally, publishing over 160 peer reviewed articles.  

Dr. Devin is a leader in developing a national database that provides patients with transparency surrounding their surgical care. The database collects data on patient satisfaction, pain, function, and complication rates his surgical patients with at least a 98% satisfaction rate at a one-year follow-up. The database tracks nearly all patients, and their statistics are a true reflection of surgical quality. Patients experience significant improvement in physical function, social participation, and reduction in pain following surgery. Furthermore, over 90% of Dr. Devin’s patients are completely satisfied with their outcome, exceeding the benchmark at elite medical centers. 

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