Dr. Justin Grant

Dr. Justin Grant, DO, CAQSM (left) uses an ultrasound machine to examine a patient’s elbow for an ultrasound guided injection. Ultrasound guided injections provide safe and effective care without additional radiation exposure. The injections are non-surgical methods for care and can become an integral part of keeping patients active and reducing pain and stress.

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics Sports Medicine and Spine in Meeker offers non-operative pain relief options for various conditions with Ultrasound guided injections.

Performed in clinic by Dr. Justin Grant, DO, CAQSM, ultrasound guided injections provide patients with safe and effective care without radiation exposure. Studies show ultrasound guidance is as accurate, or slightly more accurate, than fluoroscopy guidance, moreover, ultrasound guidance results in similar effectiveness in providing pain relief as fluoroscopy, with lower complication rates.

Types of injections include: transforaminal selective nerve root blocks, medial branch nerve blocks, facet joint injections, lumbar ganglion nerve blocks, cervical ganglion nerve blocks, greater occipital nerve blocks, sacroiliac joint injections, hip joint injections, peripheral nerve injections and piriformis injections.

“Used for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes, injections become an integral part of your care, keeping you off the operating table and on the trails pursuing your active life;” said Dr. Grant. “With ultrasound you can visualize vascular and other significant soft tissue structures that are not visualized by fluoroscopy.”

Dr. Grant is a board certified family physician with a fellowship in sports medicine. He attended medical school at Rocky Vista University in Parker, CO prior to residency in Wichita, KS at Via Christi Family Medicine.

After completing residency, Dr. Grant went on to complete a fellowship in sports medicine at Via Christi Sports Medicine where he was one of the team physicians for Wichita State University and Newman University, covering numerous high school, D1, and D2 college sporting events. While in fellowship, he also trained to diagnose, manage, and follow acute and chronic sport injuries, concussions, pain syndromes, spine injuries, back pain, and to perform both diagnostic ultrasounds and ultrasound guided procedures.

As a primary care sports medicine physician, Dr. Grant manages nearly all non-operative musculoskeletal injuries and problems, and he is in an excellent position to facilitate care to an appropriate surgeon when needed. He also specializes in nutrition, exercise, and supplements, providing counseling in these areas as well as exercise programming.

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics Sports Medicine and Spine opened their new multi-million-dollar Orthopedic facility this summer adding 11,000 sq. ft. of specialty clinic space at Pioneers Medical Center.

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