Change of address: For millions of animals, this season is one of migration

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Elk are opportunistic grazers and are able to digest a wide range of vegetation. Forage on winter ranges is less nutricious than the fresh green growth of spring and summer and as snows retreat, elk move toward the high country.

The Bureau of Land Management is seeking to better protect habitat connectivity important for wildlife migration in an initiative designed to support similar efforts by other entities, including the state of Colorado.

The agency recently released a new policy aimed at protecting connections between habitats for not just land-based animals, but fish and native plants.

BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning

Photos by Scott Crabtree/The Daily Sentinel

FILE - Bureau of Land Management Director Tracy Stone-Manning speaking at the DoubleTree by Hilton during a Public Lands Foundation meeting in September 2022.

Jared Polis

FILE - Colorado Gov. Jared Polis at the Colorado Mesa University Candidate Forum with Heidi Ganahl in October 2022 on the CMU campus.