Drug distribution alleged

Using information from a witness, police were able to identify an apartment in town that was believed to be used as a location to distribute illegal drugs.

Police arrested a male individual on July 3 on criminal impersonation charges after he gave police a false name because he had several outstanding warrants. After being arrested, the man pointed police to where he purchased illegal drugs after police found methamphetamine in his possession, according to the arrest affidavit.

Officers initiated a traffic stop on the suspect after the witness pointed him and another suspect out to police.

A K9 unit reportedly indicated there were controlled substances in the vehicle the two were in.

Officers found heroin, methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and a suspected ledger that listed the quantities and prices consistent with drug distribution and debt, states the affidavit.

Police arrested two of the individuals in the car, Zahariah Curtner, 33, and Andrew Chaney, 18, on suspicion of possession with intent to distribute.

Chaney said he drove to Grand Junction from Texas, picking up a brick-sized amount of heroin along the way, the affidavit said.

According to the Grand Junction Police Department:

■ Gene Keefer, 34, is accused of shoplifting at 681 Horizon Drive on July 3.

■ Zakgay Smallwood, 29, is accused of shoplifting property less than $50 at 922 N. First St. on July 3.

■ Holly Nauroth, 65, was cited on suspicion of indecent exposure on Saturday.

■ Sarah Houser, 48, is accused of shoplifting items less than $350 from 2545 Rimrock Ave. on Sunday.

■ Unknown individuals broke into a residence at the 1700 block of N. 21 St. and stole over $1,000 in property on Friday.

■ Unknown person or persons broke into a business at 2315 River Road and stole property valued at over $750 on Saturday.

■ Sean Kennedy, 48, is accused of second degree assault on the 1300 block of North First Street on Monday.

According to the Delta Police Department:

■ Jacob Glen Jones, 34, is accused of drug possession, resisting arrest and obstructing a peace officer on July 3.

■ Thomas William Zachary Foster, 23, is accused of drug possession on Thursday.

■ Emmanuel Rodriguez, 67, is accused of first degree assault, child abuse, harassment and disorderly conduct on Saturday.

■ Roberto Carlos Campos, 20, was cited on suspicion of disorderly conduct, third degree assault among other charges on Saturday.

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office:

■ Joann Strumpfer, 60, is accused of trespassing near the 2900 block of North Avenue on Saturday.

■ Robert Myers, 46, is accused of drug violations and traffic offenses in the area of F Road and 4th Street on Saturday.

■ Axl Boynoton, 29, was cited on suspicion of domestic violence and second degree assault on the 2900 block of River Road.

■ Francis Raley, 50, was cited on suspicion of DUI in the area of 32 Road and Highway 50 on Sunday.

■ Darby Willis, 50, is accused of fraud-related violations on Monday.

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