Arrest in copper wire theft

On Jan. 21, 2019, officers were called for a reported trespass on Riverside Parkway, where the property owner said the fence was cut to the train yard and 50 spools of copper wire had been stolen.

The property owner stated that the copper wire had been there for three weeks and each spool cost $580, making the total theft estimated at $29,000, according to the arrest affidavit.

A few days later, police were contacted after some stolen wire had been recovered.

Through the investigation, police learned that someone had turned in some stripped copper wire to a local business, which was the same wire that was reported stolen, but the insulation had been stripped so there were no markings left on it. Sixty-three pounds of wire had been sold.

The business had photos of the sales receipt, driver's license of the seller and the truck license plate.

The seller was identified as Vernal, Utah, resident Raul Ortiz, 56.

On February 5, 2019, more copper wire was reported stolen from the Riverside Parkway address.

Police noted the suspects "cut the wires used to fix the fence and entered through the same hole."

The total amount of wire stolen at the property was revised to $41,057.50, states the affidavit.

The stolen wire is reportedly used to make rockslide fences.

According to the affidavit, Ortiz allegedly sold a quantity of wire for $66.15 when its actual value is $580, by taking the wire off the spool, stripping the insulation off of it and selling it for scrap.

Police contacted additional businesses Ortiz was suspected of selling the stolen wire to.

A search warrant of Ortiz's truck found bolt and wire cutters.

Ortiz was arrested for theft, criminal mischief and second-degree trespass.

According to the Grand Junction Police Department:

■ Nicholas Sisson, 22, was cited on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and possession of drugs on June 28.

■ Joseph Mcabee, 66, is accused of making false statements to police on June 29.

■ Catherine Adler, 59, was cited on suspicion of not paying for taxi fare at 776 Horizon Drive on July 2.

■ Alan Abila, 41, is accused of second-degree assault, domestic violence and child abuse on July 2.

■ Karen Triebwasser, 70, and Delvin Triebwasser, 62, are accused of third-degree assault and harassment with a domestic violence enhancer in the 2800 block of Lobe Creek Court.

■ Travis Williams, 27, is accused of drug possession in the 400 block of Sherman Drive.

■ Damien Coatney, 30, is accused of third- degree assault, second-degree kidnapping and second-degree aggravated motor vehicle theft on July 3.

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office:

■ Destiney Johnson, 23, is accused of drug possession near the 2900 block of North Avenue on June 28.

■ Cheyenne Fortin, 19, is accused of drug possession in the 2900 block of North Avenue on July 4.

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