Victim tampering charge

Levi Steerman, 24, was charged with a felony count after he made phone calls from jail that Grand Junction police believe were meant to threaten or intimidate a victim.

Steerman was in jail after being arrested on Friday morning when a witness told police she saw a man punch a woman near the Veterans Affairs hospital, according to the arrest affidavit.

Police contacted the alleged victim, who initially said nothing physical had happened, but later admitted she was punched.

Police arrested Steerman that morning.

Later that day, police listened as Steerman called the alleged victim from jail and accused her of "ratting him out," the affidavit states.

Police say the phone call, and another call placed from the jail, showed a clear attempt to harass or retaliate against the victim and charged him with the felony.

According to the Grand Junction Police Department:

■ Mary Mayerle, 38, was cited on suspicion of indecent exposure near 540 28½ Road on June 29.

■ Stacey Zedler, 57, was accused of drug possession on Wednesday.

■ Zachariah Curtner, 38, was accused of distribution and drug possession on Wednesday.

■ Aaron Windust, 41, was accused of domestic violence verbal harassment on Thursday.

■ Brittany Storms, 22, was accused of drug possession on Thursday.

■ Clinton McKeley, 35, was cited on suspicion of DUI on Thursday.

■ Lucy Watts, 48, was cited on DUI near the 2800 block of Grand Avenue on Thursday.

■ Morgan Forney, was accused of second degree criminal trespass near the 400 block of Willow Ridge Court on Friday.

■ Destiny Johnson, 19, was accused of drug possession on Saturday.

■ Jacob Schrieiner, 22, was cited on suspicion of DUI near Pitkin Avenue and Second Street on Saturday.

■ Orion Webster, 30, was accused of drug possession on Sunday.

■ Justin Kaylor, 34, was accused of shoplifting Sunday.

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office:

■ Blake Ridley, 27, is accused of third degree assault and criminal mischief on the 3300 block of F Road on Friday.

■ Joshua Chavez, 46, is accused of second degree assault and first degree burglary on Saturday.

■ Officers responded to reports of a burglary and auto theft on the 3200 block of D½ Road on Sunday. A warrant was requested in the case.

According to the Montrose County Sheriff's Office:

■ John Ryan, 41. was cited on suspicion of domestic violence, harassment, hazardous waste violation and criminal mischief on Friday.

■ Enrique Cano-Zuniga, 23, was cited on suspicion of DUI, speeding, fictitious license plate, among other charges on Saturday.

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