Attempted sexual assault

A 29-year-old woman accused of attempted sexual assault for allegedly aggressively trying to fondle a man against his will appeared Friday in Mesa County Court.

Kelly White was arrested Thursday morning after she called police and reported that a man had assaulted her and was carrying a gun, according to a Mesa County Sheriff's Office report.

When deputies arrived on scene, the 41-year-old man didn't seem threatening and had no weapons, the report said. The man said White had become angry at him and tried to fondle him while insulting him.

The man's son, who was in the house, at one point started recording the incident on his phone, but said that White grabbed the phone and threw it, the report said.

The man said White had been staying with him, but he had begun an eviction process several weeks earlier.

"(He) believes Kelly wanted him arrested on domestic violence charges and use a protection order to stay in (his) house," a deputy wrote in the report.

White, who the deputy wrote had no signs of injury on her body, was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, assault and attempted sex assault.

She was released Friday on a personal recognizance bond.

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office:

■ Dominic Valenzuela Orr, 19, is accused of driving under the influence June 29.

■ A phone was stolen in the 400 block of North 25th Street on July 2.

■ A theft was reported in the 2400 block of H Road on June 1.

■ Harry Trounce, 59, is accused of driving under the influence and other offenses Sunday.

According to the Montrose County Sheriff's Office:

■ Stephan K. Viehweger, 51, is accused of attempted theft and other offenses Friday.

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