Teen accused of vandalism

A 19-year-old man faces possible burglary and criminal mischief charges for allegedly breaking into Grand Junction High School with two juvenile girls early Saturday and defacing many of the walls with black spray paint and expletives.

Taylor Toft told police that he was trying to impress one of the girls, with whom he shimmied up an exterior pipe of the school and then accessed the inside through a roof hatch. The two let a third girl in through an exterior door, then donned "disguises" from the drama department, but video cameras had already captured the trio leading to their arrests.

Among the vandalism targets was a girls' bathroom, where the words "(expletive) Timbreza" and "(expletive) Junction Rawr XO," and other crass bromides, were scrawled on the walls and mirrors in spray paint. Toft admitted to spray-painting the name — Judge Lance Timbreza sits on the local 21st Judicial District bench — but said he was intoxicated and "that was the only name he remembered," according to an affidavit for his arrest.

Toft was released Friday on a personal-recognizance bond.

The principal of the school told police that several walls will need to be repainted, and a mural in the bathroom is destroyed and will have to be covered up. She also said the pipe two of the three used to climb onto the roof of the school will need to be replaced.

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office:

■ Monique Armstrong, 25, is accused of DUI and careless driving on Thursday.

■ Deputies were dispatched May 29 to a report of theft in the 12000 block of BS Road, leading to an active investigation.

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