Crews recently began installing a state of the art, digital marquee on the nearly century-old Avalon Theatre at 645 Main Street.

The renovation project also includes upgrades to the rooftop terrace and equipment within the building

According to an estimate from the Avalon Theatre Foundation, the project, which includes digital poster boards and menus, will cost $130,000. In total, the renovations cost about $300,000 with $200,000 coming from the city and the Avalon Foundation, said Maria Rainsdon, general manager of the Avalon and Two Rivers Convention Center. Rainsdon is also a member of the Avalon Foundation.

“The new marquee is the best you can get in the state,” she said. “It’s going to be a great way for less well-known events and concerts to advertise.”

The project is ahead of schedule and should be unveiled in the coming weeks.

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