Grand Junction restaurants 626 on Rood, Bin 707 and Taco Party have each been recognized on the annual Good Food 100 Restaurants list.

The list is curated based on the restaurants' self-reported food purchasing data and highlights eateries that promote good and sustainable food.

"A Good Food 100 Restaurant means you commit every day to strengthening the bonds between our amazing suppliers and our guests and to bring sustainability to the table with every delicious dish," 626 on Rood Chef/Owner Theo Otte said in a press release.

Bin 707 and Taco Party owner Josh Niernberg said inclusion on the list is important and he's tried to get other restaurants to join and try to get on the list.

"The list coincides with the mission of the restaurants and puts a little validity to what we've been doing for 10 years now," Niernberg said. "It's critically important."

Forty Colorado restaurants and 137 across the country are part of the Good Food Media Network. A recent study from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado-Boulder on behalf of the network found that the participating restaurants totaled $100.7 million. Of that total, the restaurants reported spending $66.3 million on domestic good food, which translates to a $213.5 million economic impact on the national good food economy.

"Our goal is to promote transparency and empower people to be aware of where their food is coming from while recognizing the chefs and restaurants who are consciously committed to building a better food system. Every menu choice and good food purchase that chefs and restaurants make affects each link in our food chain as well as state, regional and national economies," Sara Brito, co-founder and president of the Good Food Media Network, said in a press release.

To see the list, visit

■ Alicia Iadicicco recently entered the real estate business and is looking to add high-end marketing features to each property she is selling.

Iadicicco launched the Portiera Group, which is a division of HomeSmart. She got her real estate license in July and has a marketing team consisting of a web designer, graphic designer and a videographer who also takes photos. She said she is currently looking to add realtors to her team.

"I am looking. I'm on the prowl for them," she said.

Iadicicco and her group offer three-dimensional virtual tours of each property, professional photography, drone footage, custom signage, graphics and a mini website. For more information, search for the group on Facebook or visit

"All of our properties receive the standard marketing concept," Iadicicco said.

The Portiera Group is housed at 601 Main St. and shares an office with the Fusion Group, an advertising and marketing firm.

The Fusion Group is a family business, with Iadicicco and her husband, and she thought adding real estate to what they already did was a good fit. The Fusion Group has been around since 2008.

"We thought it would be a great fit for what we do with the Fusion Group and do it with real estate," she said.

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