The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce released its most recent poll of local businesses Tuesday, showing a steady increase in normalization for the city’s establishments.

The poll, which was finished June 12 and featured responses from 186 businesses, shows that 45% of businesses in the area are operating at a minimum of 75% of their pre-COVID-19 standards.

Other figures highlighted in the poll reveal that 50% of companies that laid off workers during the height of the coronavirus pandemic have recalled 50-100% of their workers, while 27% of businesses that made staffing reductions will make those reductions permanent.

A majority of businesses polled have been able to adjust to the Mesa County Health Department’s guidelines, with 55% of businesses finding them easy to implement and 38% finding the process more difficult.

Local business owners are growing more optimistic about the future.

Ninety percent of respondents believe the economy will be improved in six months.

“The most significant thing this poll indicates is that businesses are actually looking toward the future and starting to look toward recovery,” said Chamber President Diane Schwenke. “I think we’re out of the static, ‘what comes next?’ kind of phase. While things are still uncertain, businesses are looking toward the future and reopening under some safe guidelines and they’re bringing their people back.”

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