The Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority laid out a plan to improve areas of the property at its Tuesday meeting.

About $1.4 million is devoted to improvements at the TSA checkpoint and rental car area, said Angela Padalecki, executive director of the Grand Junction Regional Airport.

The work on the security checkpoint project will begin this month and is anticipated to finish by Memorial Day weekend. The timetable for the rental car project is more fluid because of external factors.

“Our whole goal is to improve the airport while minimizing inconveniences to passengers,” Padalecki said. “The projects are happening simultaneously and won’t impede on each other.”

The timetable on the rental car project is difficult to pin down because of erratic supply chains, Padalecki said, but she anticipates that work will end by mid-summer. FCI Constructors is slated as the contractor for both projects.

The lighting, flooring and ceiling of the security checkpoints will be replaced. That project carries a $700,000 tab.

For the rental car area, counters are being replaced, an adjacent office is being improved and crews will add a canopy for the outdoor rental car service station.

“The counters have been with the airport since day one, so it’s about time they’ve been replaced,” Padalecki said.

The rental car project will cost about $600,000. About $100,000 is budgeted as a contingency reserve for both projects.

The $600,000 comes from customer facility charge fees on rental cars. That money can only be used on rental car projects because of its source, Padalecki said.

Airport revenue is funding the security checkpoint project, Padalecki said. The security checkpoint project was slated for 2020 but was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re thankful for the community’s support and we’re happy to help improve their experience,” Padalecki said.