MCKENZIE LANGE/The Daily Sentinel

A man passes by the building that was once Roasted Espresso and Subs on the corner of Fifth Street and Colorado Avenue on Wednesday.

The corner of Colorado Avenue and Fifth Street in downtown Grand Junction was once a bustling little area on mornings and early afternoons.

In eight years at the intersection, Roasted Espresso and Subs built a loyal base of customers and also had strong ties to other Grand Valley businesses, sourcing its beans from Colorado Legacy Coffee and its bread from Homestyle Bakery.

Gwyn Finch would always stop at Roasted Espresso and Subs while walking her dog, Sally, to grab a beverage and interact with the employees. It was their “social spot” every day.

The outdoor sitting area provided a great place to hang out with friends sipping a favorite beverage.

Now, when Finch walks Sally past Roasted, she sees a closed window that had been the spot to order for so long, chairs stacked upon the tables within the building’s cramped quarters, and a “No Trespassing” sign plastered upon each door and window.

“I visited Roasted daily and met people from all across the world,” Finch said. “I truly believe the corner of Colorado and Fifth is the ‘center’ of this Grand Valley. Go sit there; you will feel it.”

To the chagrin of its customer base, Roasted has permanently closed its doors.

“Alex Mackey owned Roasted with his business partner Greg Indivero; I believe the two parted ways a few months back,” said Josh Niernberg, who owns Bin 707 Foodbar, Bin Burger, TacoParty and the property Roasted occupied. “Alex notified us in early December that he would be vacating the premises shortly after the first of the year. To the best of my knowledge, he closed sometime mid-December.”

Because of the condition of the building, don’t expect a new restaurant or bakery to take up residence any time soon, especially with a more valuable space available just down the street.

“The building is not very conducive for a restaurant as is, as it would not be up to code for a new operator,” Niernberg said. “Considering the vacancy on the corner of Fifth and Main (formerly occupied by The Hog and the Hen) as such a prime location in arguably better condition than the Roasted building, we do not have plans to lease it at this time. We are exploring some other uses, but have not made any concrete plans as of this time.”

Roasted’s absence is already being felt by some in the community.

Grand Junction Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Brandon Stam became nostalgic for his first days in town when asked about Roasted’s departure.

“Obviously, any time a business closes, it’s unfortunate. It’s not something that we want to see,” Stam said. “Roasted definitely had a loyal following. When I moved here five years ago, that was one of the only coffee shops downtown, so I’m sad to see them go.”

While some in the community are mourning the loss of their favorite place for a hot drink in the Grand Valley, others are mainly hoping that the previous owner will bounce back in his next endeavor.

“I hope Alex is well and he’s able to find something new he loves doing,” said Emily Farrington, a longtime Roasted customer. “He provided a gem of a coffee shop from his start inside Summit Canyon to the cool location he took over and operated successfully for years. Wishing him well and excited to see what Josh and Jodi (Niernberg) do with the corner.

“I hope it keeps its character.”