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DENVER, Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Medi-Ops is a Denver-based technology enabled medical logistics and transportation organization specializing in emergency blood product distribution. They often do this by utilizing lights and siren vehicles and emergency air medical shipments.

Medi-Ops primarily uses their transportation courier-based services to serve blood banks. While there are a variety of industries that could benefit from their innovative courier systems, they recognize that blood banks across the United States are widely underserviced! While everyone agrees that blood donation and processing are vital to healthcare and human life, innovation, technology, and external services available to blood banks are almost non-existent! This is where Medi-Ops enters.

Medi-Ops offers a 24/7 dispatch team to monitor all orders with the utmost care. By utilizing their technology and algorithms, the most appropriate, cost effective, and fastest mode of transport will be accomplished. This means that if it is not an emergency, Medi-Ops can downgrade to one of their STAT or route transportation options. That said, operating as an emergency medical organization, Medi-Ops is prepared to handle time sensitive and life saving shipments of blood, platelets, and other blood components.

Medi-Ops' services are available across the United States. This wide network allows for faster turn-around times and simplicity of one scheduling party. By handling all regulatory aspects to shipping medical specimens, they provide a cold-chain door to door solution.

You can trust Medi-Ops to move any medical specimen, from time critical blood for a neonate, to human lungs for immediate transplant. Call Medi-Ops and they will handle the rest!

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