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Kraig Andrews

Editor's Note: This survey was sent to each candidate for City Council and will run below, unedited, as submitted by the candidate. Profiles derived from these surveys can also be found in the Daily Sentinel print edition and online.

Please give us a short description of your background and experience.

I am a fifth generation Colorado Native and I have lived in the Grand Valley for the past 27 years. I am raising my family here and I have been blessed with the ability to start my own small business. I am a General Contractor and I build residential homes. I have over 15 years’ experience in the Construction/Development industry which gives me a great blend of experience and connections throughout our valley that I have been able put to good use to be an asset to the council.

Briefly explain why you are running for City Council.

I have seen the ebb and flow of this valley through feast and famine. I believe we must be forward thinking, Not just dealing with what arises today, but planning 3-5 years down the road to continue to keep Grand Junction the place we love to live in. I bring a grounded objective view that has been unique to my other fellow council members. I have experience and knowledge in areas such as Land Use, Development, and Infrastructure.

What should the next Council do to help businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Continue with the work the current council has started. We have built a great collaboration with the Business Incubator and the Chamber of Commerce. We have helped local businesses deal with COVID with over a Million dollars in assistance.

Other than the pandemic and the economy, what is the most pressing issue facing Grand Junction and how would you address it.

One of the pressing issues in Grand Junction is traffic. Is it currently terrible? No, however we must continue to work towards improving our traffic flow. The Interchange of I-70 and 29 road has been on the back burner for years. We need to push and advocate with our county and state partners for find a way to accomplish this interchange. In place it would help us utilize the interstate much better lessening the strain on Patterson Rd.

Is there a decision the City Council made in the last year that you disagree with and why?

I was not in favor of asking residents to De Bruce from Tabor without a sunset. I felt it was more appropriate to De Bruce for 5-10 years and prove we were good stewards of our citizen’s money. After that we could ask for a permanent De Bruce.

Given voter approval, what types of marijuana licenses (retail, cultivation, products manufacturing), if any, should be allowed in the city and why?

Limited retail. (We should start slow and see where it leads). No Cultivation whatsoever. (It has no place inside city limits) Definitely manufacturing. (It will bring the most jobs)

Do you support the city purchasing abandoned properties to remove blight and why?

No, after you spend the money to buy it and remediate it what do you do with the land? And who gets to determine what blight is?

There are several projects the next City Council will likely decide on. Please answer yes or no on whether you currently support or oppose these projects. You can add a one sentence explanation of your reasoning:

Building a Community Center at Lincoln Park: (yes/no)

Yes, Lincoln Park is the ideal location for a Community Center, However an appropriate funding mechanism needs to be determined.

Purchasing the Glacier Ice Arena: (yes/no)

Yes, I think it is a great addition to our community, however I would like to see it become self-sustaining.

Renovating the Orchard Mesa Pool: (yes/no)

No, If a Community Center is established with a new pool I would not support the OM Pool.

Supporting the plaza at Las Colonias with public funding: (yes/no)

No, I voted against the money given to Bonsai. I believe the each business should build their own. For Example, Mesa Mall: The outlying tenants lease the land from the mall, but build their own buildings on it.

Allowing half the parking lot on the corner of 5th Street and Colorado Avenue to be converted into a plaza space: (yes/no)

No, Parking is vital for our downtown businesses. Per the traffic report done by the DDA this parking lot is over 90% full during the noon hour. In addition several business owners have reached out to council voicing their opposition to the plaza. This plaza also duplicates similar city facilities already available for use.