DENVER — While the Legislature continues its work this week, everyone’s focus won’t be on that, but the results of Super Tuesday, when Colorado and 13 other states cast ballots or attend caucuses to choose candidates for the November presidential election.

■ Today: The House Rural Affairs & Agriculture Committee is to discuss HB1171, a measure introduced by three Western Slope lawmakers — Rep. Marc Catlin, R-Montrose, and Barbara McLachlan, D-Durango, and Sen. Don Coram, R-Montrose — to require the Rifle-based Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting to come up with a system of remote cameras to help monitor the start and spread of wildfires.

■ Tuesday: The House Judiciary Committee is to debate HB1307, partly introduced by Rep. Matt Soper, R-Delta, to ban the use of the so-called panic defense in violent crimes against members of the LBGTQ community. Meanwhile, the Senate Local Government Committee is to hear HB1031, which would replace Columbus Day with Cabrini Day.

■ Wednesday: The House Health & Insurance Committee is to consider HB1319, a measure that would ban the sale of flavored nicotine products.

■ Thursday: The Senate Local Government Committee is to hear HB1029, a measure that would allow commissioners in smaller counties to take lower salaries..

■ Next week: The House Rural Affairs & Agriculture Committee is to hear a bill — partly introduced by Coram and Rep. Perry Will, R-New Castle — that would prohibit any state agency from assisting any transmountain diversion project that diverts water from the Rio Grande River Basin.

All floor action and committees can be watched or heard on the Colorado Legislature’s website at Check that website to see which measures are available for remote testimony, and how to register to speak.

— Charles Ashby