Airport building demolition to cost $630K-plus

The old and unfinished administration building at Grand Junction Regional Airport recently underwent a change in its zoning, moving from an aeronautical zone and into a non-aeronautical or commercial zone.

The Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority Board of Commissioners approved a contract Tuesday evening with FCI Constructors to demolish the semi-completed administration building east of the terminal.

The board voted 6-0 in favor of the contract during a special meeting.

The price tag for the project is $630,723 plus an additional $50,457 in owner contingency and $68,820 in landscape allowance.

The project should be complete by the end of March.

The airport board voted to demolish the building and seek a contract for the project in September. At that time, staff estimated it would cost $900,000 to bring the building down and do clean-up.

"We're very impressed by this proposal," Grand Junction Regional Airport Executive Director Angela Padalecki said during the meeting.

Before deciding to demolish the building, which has remained in its semi-complete state since construction was halted in 2014, the board discussed multiple options regarding the future of the structure.

Those possibilities varied from completing the entire building at an estimated cost of more than $9 million, to finishing part of the building to a demolition.

Staff recommended demolishing the building as the most cost-feasible option.

Padalecki had previously stated the airport had no current use for the building, but was willing to wait until the Bureau of Land Management selected a new Grand Junction headquarters, in case the building would have been a fit. BLM selected office space at 760 Horizon Drive for its headquarters.

Construction on the administration building began in October 2013 after the airport was awarded a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration.

After an FBI raid that November, the airport withdrew its application for the grant. The airport never received any money from the FAA, but had spent roughly $4 million on the project.

The board also voted Tuesday to delegate signing authority from Padalecki to Finance Director Sarah Menge when Padalecki goes on maternity leave later this month.

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