August felt a little different in the Grand Valley compared to years prior.

The rainfall and temperatures were generally abnormal for what residents experience during the eighth month of the year.

There was 1.55 inches of precipitation this month, about 8/10 of an inch higher than the monthly average, said National Weather Service meteorologist Dan Cuevas.

“So we were wetter than normal. And it might stay dry to close out the month, so the average won’t change but the difference will,” he said.

On Aug. 18 and Aug. 19, the valley set consecutive daily records for most rainfall.

On Aug. 18, the Grand Junction Regional Airport recorded 0.47 inches, breaking the previous record of 0.26 inches set in 1989, according to the NWS.

The following day, the airport recorded 0.93 inches, which topped the previous record of 0.6 inches set in 1925.

Cuevas said that NWS data shows this will be the 23rd wettest August in Grand Junction history and the wettest in seven years.

The temperature was also chillier than usual in August. The monthly average was 76.4 degrees Fahrenheit, Cuevas said. That was 0.4 degrees lower than normal and much cooler than August 2020, which had an average temperature of 83.2 degrees.

The lowest temperature recorded this month was 49 degrees on Aug. 20, just missing out on the 46 degree record set in 1980.

“Our highest temperature this month was 100 degrees,” Cuevas said. “Last August, we had six days of over 100 degrees.”

Looking ahead to September, which begins Wednesday, the temperature appears to be lower and rain is expected to return.

There’s a chance of showers Tuesday, with rain likely on Wednesday. The rain likely continues through Thursday morning at least, according to the NWS forecast. That could set he tone for another wet month. The total rainfall for September is 1.19 inches, Cuevas said, and the record is 3.78 inches set in 1896.

The high temperature will hover in the mid-to-high 90s before dropping into the 80s later in the week, while the low will remain constant in the 60s.