There are some happy motorists around Colorado with new personalized license plates after a state auction.

The live and online auction by the state of Colorado put 25 custom license plates up for bid.

Only one person bid on the 911 plate and took it home for $900.

OSOBAD had 76 people bidding, with the winner paying $955.

Six people paid more than $1,000 for one of the custom plates and all total, $23,540 was raised in the auction that ended on Oct. 12.

All the proceeds go to Colorado's Disability Funding Committee, which will distribute funds through grants to support nonprofit organizations that help people who are disabled across the state.

The largest amount was paid for the license plate MCLAREN, which only had one bid — for $6,000.

The most coveted plate when it came to bids was ITSFAST, with 95 bids hoping to win the pate. The winner paid $4,004, which was the second highest total.

Coming in fourth in cost and second in bids was HANGON at $1,765 and 86 bids.

The third-highest cost for a plate was a single winning bid for BENTLEY at $3,500.

ROCKET ignited 50 bids with the winner paying $1,505.

The very unique plate with alternating zeros and the letter O — 0O0O0O0 — had 64 bids with the winning bid at $1,015.

Someone paid $900 for 911, ZO6 went for $825 with 65 bids, and QUICK had 37 bids and a winner of $480.

Other unique custom plates that were purchased included BURNOUT for $420 and someone forked over $190 for SPOON.

Motorists who are usually running late were after L8L8L8 with 17 bidders and a winning bid of $180.

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