In less than a week after Colorado residents received their ballots for the 2020 general election, more than twice as many Democrats than Republicans have already cast their votes.

That’s the opposite of normal years, when Republicans generally outnumber Democrats in early voting.

According to the first reported ballots cast in the election from the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, 139,382 Democrats have submitted their ballots compared to 57,779 Republicans. At 100,801, even unaffiliated voters have greatly outpaced Republicans.

In Mesa County, nearly as many Democrats have already voted as Republicans. As of Thursday, 3,275 Democrats have turned in their ballots compared to 3,331 Republicans and 3,448 unaffiliated voters.

Even in the 3rd Congressional District, Democrats are turning out in droves. In the 29 counties that make up the district, 11,043 Democrats have voted compared to 9,228 unaffiliated and 7,162 Republicans.

“Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with diametrically opposed rhetoric coming from Democrats and Republicans on voting by mail, is having some effect on these numbers as ballots come in,” said Ryan Winger, director of database operations for the Denver-based polling company Magellan Strategies. “Democrats are proud to vote by mail to show President Trump in their own small way that mail ballots are safe, secure and effective. Republicans may be waiting to cast their vote in person. Time will tell.”

Those unaffiliated voters in 3rd CD counties that generally vote for liberal candidates, such as Routt, Eagle, Pueblo and La Plata counties, are outpacing Republican voters by 2-to-1, or in some cases, 3-to-1 margins.

A new poll released on Thursday continues to show Democratic candidates fairing better than Republicans.

An online poll conducted by Civiqs shows Democratic senatorial candidate John Hickenlooper leading GOP U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner 54% to 42%. That same poll, conducted earlier this week, also showed the Democrat’s presidential nominee, Joe Biden, leading Republican President Donald Trump 54% to 42% in the state.

While that polling company is owned by the left-leaning Daily Kos online news outlet, it is consistent with previous polls that show Biden and Hickenlooper leading by double digits.

According to that poll, Proposition 115 to prohibit late-term abortions is losing 51% to 42% with 7% unsure, while Proposition 116 to decrease the state’s income tax rate from 4.63% to 4.5% is leading 51% to 35% with 14% saying they were not certain how they would vote.

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