Democrats urge voters to cast their ballots

JARED POLIS Candidate for governor

Get out and vote.

That was the main message gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis and a slate of other Democrats running for statewide office had for Mesa County voters at a campaign rally on Friday.

But the man who really stole the show was the guy who introduced Polis, former Gov. Roy Romer.

"Excuse me for having to have assistance to get up on a platform, but I'll be 90 next week," Romer told dozens of Democratic supporters assembled at a parking lot on First and Main streets. "Hey, look, I didn't know I needed to come to Grand Junction to get fired up about this election. If I hear any more from Chris (Kennedy), I'm going to go out and vote right now."

Kennedy, the Democrat running against Republican Sen. Ray Scott for Senate District 7, was one of the first speakers at the rally, and got the crowd fired up, including with his oft-spoken line about making Mesa County "Scott-free."

"This ticket is about your kids, your grandkids, about being able to survive in a country that is not set up for us," Kennedy said.

Other speakers include Polis' running mate, former state Rep. Dianne Primavera.

The Broomfield Democrat started out telling the crowd how difficult it was for her 30 years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer.

"If any of you have been diagnosed with cancer or know anybody who's been diagnosed with cancer, you know that it turns your life upside down in an instant," she said. "I made it my life's work to work for patient advocacy, because I walked in the shoes of people who, through no fault of their own, lost almost everything because they had gotten sick."

The other Diane on the ticket, former Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush, D-Steamboat Springs, said she hopes to help turn the U.S. House into Democratic hands by unseating Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton.

Mitsch Bush said her goals in Congress will focus on such things as health care, climate change and public lands.

"We need to bring back science as the basis for environmental protection," she said. "Our environment as we know on the Western Slope is not only our heart and soul, but our economy as well."

While Phil Weiser, the Democratic candidate for attorney general, said Polis needs a Democrat in that job rather than his opponent, Republican George Brauchler, to support him, Jena Griswold said she hopes to unseat Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams because the state doesn't do enough to ensure people can easily register to vote.

Polis, who ended the event, said his first task if elected is to unify not just the two major parties, but all other divides in the state.

"It's not so much about that partisan divide, it's about healing so many other divides and bringing people together," Polis said. "Whether it's western Colorado and the Front Range, whether it's workers and executives or people with high school degrees and people with graduate degrees, we need a governor who's going to bridge those divides."

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