The dilapidated house on the corner of Ute Avenue and Fourth Street was demolished by the city of Grand Junction on Wednesday.

For years the large, boarded-up home has been of interest to the city of Grand Junction and Grand Valley Catholic Outreach. The city recently was able to purchase the property for $262,000.

The city will turn over the property to Catholic Outreach once it finishes its work on the site.

The charity plans to construct a permanent supportive housing project for the area homeless population, Catholic Outreach Director of Development and Communication Beverly Lampley said in December of last year.

The property is adjacent to Whitman Park, where some of the city’s homeless population gathers.

The project is still being designed, but Lampley said early conversations discussed constructing a housing project with about 40 units to provide shelter to homeless individuals. She said the cost will likely be more than $4 million.

“This is a community project,” Lampley said when the purchase was announced. “I think this is a project we’ve all wanted to do in our hearts in a lot of ways because the most vulnerable, the ones that don’t get housed early on, they’re vulnerable on the street. We want them to have the dignity and respect they’re due.”

The house itself was constructed in the 1890s and served as housing for railroad workers, said former owner Nancy Cole.

Her mother purchased it in the 1970s and rented rooms to workers during the oil shale boom.

Cole said over the years it became harder to find tenants and the house would have required costly upgrades to continue to run as a rental. It was boarded up about 10 years ago.

The city is spending about $25,000 to complete the demolition.

Asbestos remediation had already been completed on the property prior to the city purchasing it.