A new beginner and intermediate bike park is taking shape within the Dos Rios development as contractors began adding features and trails to the space this week.

The bike park, called the Dos Rios Bike Playground, is part of the city of Grand Junction’s planned development of the area. It will include a beginner line, a beginner/intermediate line and two intermediate lines with a total of 23 individual features.

Ken Sherbenou, Grand Junction Parks and Recreation director, said both of the companies the city has contracted with were on site this week and plan to complete construction by Memorial Day.

The $120,000 project is funded by a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation.

American Ramp Co. Inc. is building the ramps and features, while Single Track Trails is constructing the trails themselves. Sherbenou said he’ll be excited to see the riders utilizing those ramp features.

“The two adjacent intermediate lines give our riders an option coming off that ramp to be able to have more speed to either hop up on a tabletop or hit a kicker, a jump, and actually get some air, which will be cool to see there from Riverside Parkway,” Sherbenou said.

While riders will be able to use the playground within the next few weeks, Sherbenou said there will still be landscape work to complete within the park. He said the city will be taking bids for additional work in the Dos Rios development, which will include that landscaping.

He said, as with all city parks, there are still coronavirus restrictions in place that riders should continue to follow. He also said the city will not be able to hold any opening ceremony, at least for now.

“Just kind of the reality that we are in, we’re getting a backlog of ribbon- cutting ceremonies,” Sherbenou said. “So, we’ll keep our City Council very busy once we are able to gather as a community and celebrate additions like this again.”

For residents of Grand Junction, Sherbenou said new park amenities, accessible by the Riverfront Trail system, will add another element to the city’s recreation culture.

“I think it plugs right into what Grand Junction is all about,” Sherbenou said. “I think we are very much a bicycle destination. Our bicycle culture here just continues to deepen. It’s really exciting to see things like this add to that history.”

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