As work continues on infrastructure in the Dos Rios development, a proposed cantina project within the development is moving through the planning process.

Jen Taylor, who owns property in Dos Rios and is planning the multi-acre Baja-themed cantina called El Jet’s Cantina + Sky Outpost, said they have submitted a site plan for the project to the city.

“Most importantly, the permit, the site plan application, has been submitted in December 2020,” Taylor said. “So we’re just waiting for comments and waiting for our permit approval with the city. At that point, then it’s a matter of financing and lining up contractors.”

The plan includes the cantina building, a space for food trucks and outdoor seating with hammocks and fire pits, Taylor said.

On the outpost side of the project, Taylor said there will be 71 different lodging sites, including tiny homes, refurbished airstream trailers and campsites.

So far, Taylor said she has been funding the project herself, but that she is in discussions to find further funding for the project. It is a large project and will require “sizeable” funds to see it to fruition, she said.

“There are conversations in the works right now talking about some different funding options,” Taylor said. “The fact that this is located within the floodplain presents a couple of potential obstacles with regard to federal funding, but I haven’t run into any walls yet. I just am prepared for some conversations with regard to that.”

She said that while the coronavirus pandemic may end before her business is ready to open, it is following what she thinks has been a successful model during this time. She said the plans have never focused on having spaces with people packed together, but rather a spread-out casual environment where customers would want to hang out.

“Keeping it low touch with the fast casual model is very much in line with what the original vision was and continues to be, which aligns with the more successful model as we’re coming out of COVID with regard to the restaurant/hospitality industry,” Taylor said.

The project is set to break ground in June, Taylor said, but that could change as the city completes work on the infrastructure in the area. She said if all goes according to plan, they would open for business in April 2022.