Tina Peters

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters speaks at an August symposium in South Dakota that alleged voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Embattled Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters claims that it isn’t safe for her to come home in the wake of investigations into her potential involvement in a security breach in her elections office, but there is no evidence of any actual threats based on numerous emails she has received over the past two weeks.

The results of a Colorado Open Records Act request of those emails by The Daily Sentinel showed that the preponderance of them, 43 of 65, supported her actions in attempts to demonstrate alleged problems with the Dominion Voting System equipment that Mesa and all but two other Colorado counties have used to tabulate ballots for years.

Only 22 were negative, either calling Peters a moron, a traitor to democracy or asking her to resign her position, many of which were laced with profanity.

Although all of the identities of the people who emailed Peters were redacted by the county, many appear to be from people from elsewhere in the state or outside of Colorado.

“I think I speak for Mesa County when I thank you for what you have done,” one email reads.

“You are going to look great in an orange jumpsuit,” another reads. “Enjoy your time in jail. Hope they give you a Mr. Pillow for your bed in your cell.”

Peters has been in hiding somewhere outside of Colorado since she left Grand Junction for a voter-fraud conspiracy theory event in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on Aug. 10. That event was sponsored by Mike Lindell, the My Pillow CEO who often claims without evidence to have proof the November 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

Lindell, on several of his online webcasts earlier this week, said he flew Peters to the event — even though Peters used a county credit card to purchase a $484 airline ticket that she didn’t use — and later flew her to Texas.

Lindell said he also is paying for her to stay in hiding because he fears for her safety, and has said he would pay the legal fees for any election official who comes forward as Peters has.

Neither Lindell nor Peters has offered any evidence she is actually in any danger here in Mesa County, where she enjoys a groundswell of support.

Peters, however, did say that someone tried to break in to her hotel room where she is in hiding.

“I would very much like to meet and talk with you in the near future when it is safe for me to do so,” Peters wrote back to some of her email supporters.

“I’ve already had a break in and there are safety concerns and am working remotely for the citizens I serve,” she added. “I love and appreciate you.”

Many of her supporters cited parts of the Bible, telling Peters not to lose faith and saying they were praying for her.

Earlier this month, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold ordered Peters to be temporarily prohibited from conducting the county’s elections on allegations she was a party to making copies of election equipment hard drives, allowed an unauthorized person access to secure areas of her Elections Division, helped reveal certain passwords to some equipment, and played a role in that information being released on social media voter conspiracy sites.

In her first public comments about what happened earlier this week, Peters said she never authorized anything from being made public, but did give before-and-after images of hard drives at Lindell’s voter-fraud event.

Some email supporters offered their own brand of evidence that the 2020 election was rigged, while others merely offered their general support for her actions.

“Don’t let the corrupt bastards steal even one minute of your joy and faith,” one wrote. “Hold fast to the promises of God, and please know that Mesa County is immeasurably grateful for your service to us and our children.”

In another email response to a supporter — she didn’t respond to any of the negative comments — Peters said, “this is definitely a battle of good and evil, but a battle the Lord has called me.”

While none of the emails calling for her resignation or conviction — the Mesa County District Attorney’s office and the FBI are investigating the case as possible felonies — were overtly threatening, one was close.

“Be aware there are many many armed people who will fight to the death against the immoral and corrupt political party that the GOP of Trump represents,” one email reads.

“They will NEVER overthrow our government because they will die first,” it adds. “Mesa County deserves Tina Peters after all liars lie together and love it. Tina Peters attending the pillow guy’s cyber symposium ought to disgust us all. Tina Peters ... needs to resign soon.”