A family sitting at their dining room table Wednesday evening were interrupted by a bullet that came through a nearby wall, according to authorities.

No one was injured; the shot was the result of an alleged accidental discharge of a handgun at their neighbor's house next door.

The family — who lives in the 600 block of Mount Julian Drive, north of Patterson Road near 29 1/2 Road — said normally at that time of day they would be in the kitchen making dinner.

But on Wednesday the power was out in their neighborhood, so the three of them were sitting at the dining room table waiting for the power to come back on, according to police.

That's when the bullet broke through a wall in the kitchen and came to rest on the floor, after being fired from next door, from a home in the 2900 block of Joan Way.

William Morinan, 26, lives at the home, and told police that he was putting his gun in a nightstand next to the bed when it went off after he released the slide on the weapon. He told police he never had his finger on the trigger.

A police officer investigating the scene determined that the bullet went through a lamp shade in the bedroom, then through a wall, exited the wall, ricocheted off an exterior electrical box, traveled through a vinyl fence and then entered the home next door.

Police cited Morinan on suspicion of reckless endangerment in connection with the incident.

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