The number of candidates for the April City Council election is set at eight after one prospective candidate did not collect the required number of signatures.

L. Roger Johnson had been listed as an unofficial candidate for the District A seat, but did not deliver the 50 signatures from registered Grand Junction voters required to appear on the ballot.

That leaves eight candidates for four open seats: Rick Taggart and Mark McCallister for District A, Greg Haitz and Dennis Simpson for District D, Abe Herman and Jody Green for District E and Kraig Andrews and Randall Reitz for the At Large seat.

Green was one of the final candidates to be approved for the ballot. He said he would be focused on making the city more friendly to small businesses and would be a strong supporter of the city’s police and fire departments.

“I was actually asked to run, which I had to pray about,” Green said. “I opened up my Bible and it came to Isaiah where it says go forth and serve. So that was a confirmation for me from my heavenly Father above.”

He said he thought the city council has been supportive of police and fire, but that he wanted to make sure that continues as the city grows.

Green has lived in Grand Junction since 1964 and has been in the construction industry. He said his experience there working in the city would serve him as a city council member, where he would focus on economic issues.

“I would think it would be to promote small business, a more friendly environment,” Green said. “Right now we have overlays and taxes that are just overwhelming from the start. So if we kind of slide back on that it would help business, which creates jobs.”

McCallister is another candidate to make the ballot in late January. He also said he would focus on promoting business and economic issues if he were elected. “I just really feel that the com unity needs some help. I’m the kind of guy that steps forward, steps up when the community is in need,” McCallister said. “I’ve seen a lot of loss of jobs for people and I just really feel like our council is out of touch. I think they are going in a different direction than what the community is asking for.”

McCallister said he would like to see more manufacturing companies locate in the city. He pointed to some recent examples where he said city policy prevented companies from moving in. However, he said the Las Colonias Business Park is also a mistake.

“What is the role of local government?” McCallister said. “You know they are building the Las Colonias Business Park over there. I just think that’s a misdirection of funds to be doing that right now. That money should be put into better places for the community.”

In addition to economic issues, McCallister said he would like to take on the issue of homelessness in the city. He said an education and job training program could help. He also said he’d listen to what the community had to say on the issues the council will be deciding.

The city council election will be held on April 6. For more information about the election visit