Delta County Memorial Hospital

Jerad and Raquel Tyson, Hotchkiss, a son, May 24.

Brandon and Emeline Bassett, Hotchkiss, a daughter, May 26.

William Cody Groom and Desiree Duran, Delta, a daughter, May 29.

St. Mary's Medical Center

Randall Spoon and Victoria Johnson, Grand Junction, a daughter, April 29.

Brett and Caitie Adams, Palisade, a son, May 6.

Mark Ramirez and Jessica Landon, Clifton, a daughter, May 7.

Jeremiah Pullins and Sistina Gray, Grand Junction, a daughter, May 9.

Michael and Rita Loanzon, Fruita, a daughter, May 10.

Thomas and Brittany Jones, Delta, a daughter, May 23.

Cordell and Angela Swearegene, Grand Junction, a son, May 23.


Joshua Perry Allison and Jenna Catherine Freeman, May 20.

Mark Troy Orcutt and Stuart Gaylon Chandler, May 18.

Hannah Lee Gibbs and Michael Philip Holloway, May 18.

Gabrielle Marie Koplin and Joshua David James, May 18.

Dalton James Coleman and Shilo Jean McCullough, May 11.

Shaianne Lynn Hughes and Clint Alton Alford, May 20.

Jason Alan Housh II and Hanna Rose Pettit, May 20.

Evelyn Esperanza Renteria and Henry Leon Johnson, May 18.

Shayla Brooke Martinez and Anexys Elier Torres Castro, May 18.

Sean James McLaughlin and Taylor Ashley Weller, May 18.

Neil Oby Morris and Samir Khilari, May 21.

Elizabeth Anne Cantera and Steven Wayne Gardner, May 20.

Angelo Victor Samora and Amanda Mayleen Patton, May 20.

Jade Mary McBroom and Christopher Robert Montano, May 17.

Tyson James Spitzer and Chelsea Renne Janowitz, May 4.

Kyle Jay Raaflaub and Melissa Anne Himmerite, May 18.

Shane Gorden Mackey and Sandra Lee Mckay, May 11.

Chase Dalton Atencio and Serina Marie Hubbard, May 22.

Ronald L. King and Carol Jean Oberly, May 22.

Annabelle Lucia Miglia and Brent Carlton Essman, May 18.

Stephanie Joyce Cole and Charles Lester Salmon, May 22.

Steven Christopher Moore and Rachel Rane Williams, May 18.

Joe Junior Rubalcaba and Dawn Marie Walker, May 17.

Michael Anthony Smith Jr. and Anna Ruth Barr, May 12.

Jessie-Marie Elizabeth Millican and Sage Steven Porter, May 18.

Terry Abel Vigil and Mellisa Raelynn Sedillo, May 23.

Cecilia Nicole Ramirez and Scott Michael Hart, May 24.

Daniel Bryan Dickenson and Taeomi Shellyann Colacito, May 24.

Jeffrey Scott Kuhn and Amy Elizabeth Edwards, May 24.

Vilma Rose Smith and Jeffrey Thomas Dorantes, May 19.

Alexis Adrianna Linkenhoger and Gilbert Indio Mestas, May 22.

Timothy Leavale Ramsey Sr. and Spring Charlene Smith, May 24.

Steven Anthony Munk and Cassandra Paige Hughes, May 11.

Matthew Thomas Buniger and Ashley Christina Settles, May 18.

Derek Luke Branton and Rebakah Dawn Keogh, May 24.

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