Rain or shine, Fruita Monument High School's class of 2019 was going to graduate Tuesday night at Stocker Stadium.

And while the 425 students, along with their family and friends, had to sit through a good 30 minutes of steady rain at the start of the ceremony, the downpour relented just in time for the final couple of speeches and for the students to approach the stage.

The ceremony appeared it may be delayed early on as a hail storm peppered the field and there was lightning in the area prior to the event.

But when Fruita Principal Todd McClaskey took the stage to kick off the commencement, he said everyone was determined to go forward, even if it meant shortening their speeches a little.

He noted that just before he walked to the stage, someone approached him to ask if the ceremony could take place.

"I said, 'heck yeah, we're Fruita,'" he told his students, who loudly cheered.

The students received advice throughout the graduation from speakers such as McClaskey, District 51 Superintendent Diana Sirko, Valedictorian Trystan Carruth and Student Body President Ernesto Vargas.

Vargas advised his classmates to remember the class quote from artist Bob Ross, who said: "Believe you can do it, because you can do it."

Carruth spoke of the wonders of procrastination, citing people such as author Margaret Atwood and architect Frank Lloyd Wright as examples. He also advised people to carve their own path, except when public health is involved.

"I want everyone to vaccinate their kids," he said.

But the class of 2019 didn't just get advice from their peers and mentors, they also got a bit of wisdom from the class of 2031.

District 51 School Board member Doug Levinson invited Shelledy Elementary School kindergarten teacher Rick Green's class to come and share what they have learned this year for the seniors to take out into the world.

Quinn preached sharing as a virtue while Ethan said it's important to be a good listener.

Bella sagely told the students to follow directions so you can learn important things and noted: "If you get into trouble, there can be consequences."

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