GOP sign erector gets bad sign of her own

The Grand Junction woman who is behind the negative GOP billboards that are dotted around town got a negative sign of her own left on her front lawn.

In what Anne Landman calls a hate message directed at her, someone on Wednesday evening left a hand-made sign on a wooden stand at her Moonridge Circle home that reads, "Democrats America's Cancer."

With financial help from others, Landman is the person behind the anti-Donald Trump banner that flew over the city last week, and the GOP billboards that continue to be shown around town. Those are the ones that replace the "O" in GOP with a Soviet-era sickle and hammer, an attempt to tie Republicans and Trump with Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

"I found this sign placed on our front lawn tonight (Wednesday), positioned to face our house," Landman said. "It appeared between when we came home from dinner about 7:45 p.m. and when I took the dog out for his last walk about 10:10 p.m. I have a surveillance camera on our front door, but it didn't catch this because it was out on the front lawn."

Landman reported the incident with the Grand Junction Police Department, which logged the incident, but isn't planning an investigation.

"If there is no damage, and no witnesses or video to ID a suspect, it would just be an incident report to document the activity," said department spokeswoman Heidi Davidson.

Landman's GOP signs have been the subject of state and national news. She and her sign were recently featured in the New York Times by columnist Roger Cohen. The sign also has been the subject of news stories in USA Today, Newsweek and The Hill, among other publications.

Locally, the GOP sign has met with mixed reviews, with some praising Landman for displaying it, and others criticizing her for not helping with civil discourse.

Landman said her GOP sign will remain up until Nov. 10, four days after Election Day on Tuesday.

Last month, Landman hired a pilot to fly a banner over Grand Junction, Delta and Montrose that read, "Impeachment Now." That same banner was flown over Denver a few days earlier.

The GOP sign and Trump banner were done with help from MadDogPAC, a Maryland-based political action committee that, on its website, says it aims to "remove treasonous Republican members of the House and Senate and replace them with patriotic Democrats to impeach President Donald J. Trump and to end the NRA's powerful influence over our political system."

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