A statewide organization that represents property owners and landlords is providing information to help tenants navigate the COVID-19 crisis, especially those who find themselves suddenly out of work.

The Colorado Apartment Association, a nonprofit group that represents more than 3,100 members made up of owners, developers, management companies and vendors, recently created a task force to handle the COVID-19 outbreak.

Through at least April 30, the organization is recommending that landlords create a payment plan for residents who can’t pay rent because of lost income related to the virus, temporarily waive late fees, refrain from enforcing eviction orders through April 30, avoid rent increasing and share information with tenants about financial assistance.

Resources are available through the Colorado Housing Financial Assistance programs and Apartment Association of Metro Denver’s list of resources. For more information, visit aamdhq.org/news/coronavirus.

Denver has already mandated that evictions cease during the outbreak. Michelle Lyng with Novitas Communications, who is representing the Colorado Apartment Association, said the evictions related to community safety are still occurring.

She also noted that those who can still pay rent should do so in order to help their landlords pay their staff, mortgages and other payments.

“We’re trying to preserve resources for those most in need,” Lyng said.

Lyng noted that the apartment association does not yet know the scale of the issue, but things will become more clear in April when people either can or cannot pay their rent.

However, she said the best thing to do is communicate the situation with the landlord so that the two parties can work out an arrangement.

“We don’t know the magnitude of the problem,” she said. “We’re taking it day by day and week by week.”