DENVER — This week, not much in the way of working on introduced legislation will take place in either the Colorado House or Senate. That’s because various legislative committees, many of which will meet in joint sessions, will get their annual SMART hearings.

That’s the acronym for State Measurement for Accountable, Responsive and Transparent Government Act, which requires all state agencies to report to legislative committees to update them on what they’ve been doing.

Normally, such hearings are held before a legislative session begins.

■ Tuesday: The Capital Development Committee is to meet for the first time this session to consider some supplemental capital construction requests for the current fiscal year.

■ Next week: House and Senate committees will start to hear their first bills of the session, but not until later in the week. Some of those measures deal with such things as water speculation, opioid treatment and rural economic development.

All floor action and committees can be watched or heard on the Colorado Legislature’s website at

Check that website to see which measures are available for remote testimony, and how to register to speak.

— Charles Ashby

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