Grand Junction police are investigating a potential assault that took place involving juveniles on Tuesday afternoon.

The incident stems from a short video that appears to show an older student assaulting a younger student.

On Thursday morning, GJPD spokesperson Heidi Davidson confirmed officers have identified and been in contact with everyone involved.

Davidson said charges would be forthcoming once the investigation is finished, but because everyone involved is a juvenile, names will not be released for either the suspects or victims.

The video appears to show one of the girls repeatedly punching and kicking the other.

The Daily Sentinel reached out to the school district for comment on the incident.

"In D51, we do not tolerate violence on or off campus, and we take every incident seriously," Mesa County School District 51 spokesperson Emily Shockley said in a statement released Thursday afternoon. "Working with law enforcement and district staff, we investigate each incident individually and take appropriate action once all facts have been gathered. Disciplinary actions from the school can include but are not limited to suspension or expulsion. We encourage students who see any acts of violence to report them to an adult or call 911 immediately."

She confirmed both the females appearing in the video were believed to be Grand Junction High School students.

The incident took place several blocks from Grand Junction High School just off of North Avenue.

The Sentinel has chosen not to publish the video pending more information and given that the subjects are juveniles.

According to Mesa County Valley School District 51's policy, the commission of an act which if committed by an adult would be robbery or assault could be grounds for suspension, expulsion or denial of admission.

"When a petition is filed in juvenile court or district court that alleges a student between the ages of 12 and 18 is alleged to have committed an offense that would constitute unlawful sexual behavior or a crime of violence if committed by an adult, basic identification information, along with details of the alleged delinquent act or offense, is required by law to be provided immediately to the school district," the district's suspension and expulsion policy reads.

The board will then take "appropriate disciplinary action, which may include suspension or expulsion."

The district's policy on bullying states "bullying is prohibited on district property … or off school property when such conduct has a nexus to school or any district curricular or non-curricular activity or event."

Davidson said incidents captured on video are collected and preserved like anything else of evidentiary value.

She said that technology can be of great benefit to law enforcement and can help identify suspects and solve crimes, but can often come at a cost.

"Posting videos of juveniles fighting to sensationalize the incident is representative of the worst uses for social media," she said. "If you have evidence of a crime, provide it to law enforcement and let us do our jobs. In this instance, specifically two young people are further victimized by video of them on a terrible day living on the internet forever. No one would want that for their child."

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