I-70 periodically closed for rockslide mitigation

Colorado Department of Transportation crews conduct rockfall mitigation near the Cameo exit on Interstate 70 Tuesday.

Travelers heading into De Beque Canyon eastbound and coming out of the canyon westbound were tormented with Interstate 70 closures Tuesday.

The Colorado Department of Transportation had intermittent closures for both eastbound and westbound lanes due to a mitigation project, and the result was hourslong traffic delays in both directions.

"The larger portion (of the project) will be wrapped up today, scaling and bringing larger rocks down," said CDOT spokeswoman Breanna Rogers.

The mitigation was being conducted near the Cameo exit, which is exit 45 off I-70. The closure in both directions was between mile markers 45 and 49 (the Powderhorn Mountain Resort exit).

Officials were concerned about the dangers of some larger rocks and boulders that might break free and come down. Officials didn't think were the boulders were stable and would be too large for barriers to stop if they broke free.

One of the boulders that was dislodged crashed through the temporary barrier.

"On Thursday rocks started falling and the right westbound lane was closed," Rogers said. "They saw that they needed to take some of the larger rocks down at that point."

Rogers said that most of the mitigation was wrapped up Tuesday evening.

"I know they got the larger rocks down and they were happy with that," Rogers said.

As far as traffic is concerned, Rogers was anticipating that the westbound lanes would not be closed again for this project, and just the right eastbound lane between mile markers 45 and 49 would remain closed today.

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