A Grand Junction man suspected of kidnapping an Uber driver Friday night was arrested in Carlsbad, New Mexico, on Saturday.

Grand Junction Police Department spokeswoman Heidi Davidson said the suspect, Adam Salaz, 23, of Grand Junction, was apprehended, but the vehicle he allegedly stole from the victim has not yet been found.

On Friday, Grand Junction police officers responded to reports of a car crash near the intersection of 25 Road and G Road at 11:39 p.m.. When they arrived, the vehicle had left the scene, but a witness said that the female driver had jumped from the vehicle before it crashed into a fence, according to a release from the Grand Junction Police Department.

As officers were interviewing the witness, the driver of the crashed vehicle approached and said she was an Uber driver. She said she had picked up a male passenger in Fruita who originally asked to be driven downtown. As they were driving, he reportedly brandished a gun and told her to take him to the desert.

As they were driving, the victim jumped from the car and fled on foot, according to police. She suffered minor injuries.

The Police Department identified the suspected kidnapper as Salaz after the incident and asked the community and other agencies for help in apprehending him. Salaz allegedly stole the victim’s vehicle after the crash and fled the scene. Police issued an arrest warrant for Salaz for charges including kidnapping and theft.

Davidson said crimes against drivers for ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have not been a widespread problem in Grand Junction, but that there was at least one case of theft from a driver in the past year.

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